What to Look for in a Propane or Oil Delivery Company

Were you happy with your fuel provider last winter? Be honest, if you can’t answer with an immediate, “Yes!” then you deserve to find someone new. Heating your home on the Cape is non-negotiable and you deserve to have a heating oil or propane delivery company that you are 100% happy with. Use this checklist to evaluate your current company’s services or keep it in hand if you do decide to change companies.

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5 Must-Haves for a Propane or Oil Delivery Provider

1. Reliable deliveries

First things first, you want to order heating oil or propane from a company that you can count on to make deliveries on time. Many companies have different guarantees for delivery times or set schedules, so confirm what you can expect from the company. Then, it’s up to them to uphold their promise to deliver within the given period. For extra peace of mind you can choose a fuel provider that offers automatic oil or propane delivery for added convenience.

2. Competitive prices

Cost is another major factor to consider when choosing your oil or propane company. But be careful, the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best choice. Discount fuel providers often boast lower fuel rates, but they often lack several other important features. Think about what you’re paying for when your fuel company, you can find competitive prices through full-service delivery companies with greater overall value in the end.

3. Excellent customer service

Speaking of greater overall value, a fuel company’s customer service is critical for your happiness throughout the winter months. Does your oil or propane company always answer the phone when you call? Are they easy to communicate with, do they answer your questions, and go above and beyond to assist you? If you aren’t pleased with your current provider’s customer care, it’s time to move on.

4. 24/7 emergency service

Living on Cape Cod means harsh winter weather. Going with a full-service fuel company that provides emergency service to their customers is a smart move. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but if you lose heat on a Saturday morning, you’ll have someone on speed dial to help you out.

5. Additional perks

If you’ve narrowed it down to a few companies based on the list above, the final decision could come down to extra services. Would you rather have one phone number to call for all your home’s needs, like A/C, plumbing, heating equipment service, and even electrical service? It would sure make life easier! Full-service energy companies have a full team of heating, cooling, and energy experts that can assist you with more things beyond oil and propane delivery.

Fuel Delivery Experts on Cape Cod

So, how does your current fuel provider stack up? If you’d like to try something new, contact Snow’s Fuel Company. We are a full-service energy provider that delivers heating oil and propane to happy customers on Cape Cod. Talk with us today!