The Easy Fix for Hard Water

Does your home on the Cape have hard water? If the quality of your water is getting in the way of “simple” everyday tasks, like washing dishes or brewing a pot of coffee, it’s time to try something new. Luckily, solving hard water issues is easier than you think.

All About Water Treatment Services

Adding a water treatment system to your Cape Cod home will deliver major rewards. There are water softening and filtration systems for any property size. Most systems are either point-of-use or point-of-entry, depending on where the equipment is installed and how it functions with your plumbing.

Possible for Public and Private Water!

Whether your water comes from a municipal system or a private well, it is smart to take preventative action against hard water. The EPA does regulate public drinking water and towns take extra steps to ensure that drinking water is safe, but many property owners with public water still prefer water treatment for improved taste and/or further filtration.

How Water Treatment Can Help

The water used in your home has a direct effect on your family’s health. Along with preventing illnesses and discomfort, improving your water quality can also help improve day-to-day chores in your home. Benefits of water treatment services include…

  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Less odor, taste, or color
  • Minimized buildup in appliances
  • Cleaner dishes and silverware
  • Extended water appliance lifespan
  • Reduced monthly energy bills!

Is it time to improve your home’s water once and for all? Contact Snow’s Fuel Company to learn more about our professional water treatment and filtration services. Call (508) 255-1090 for a free consultation, to request service, or to inquire about the perks of our water treatment services.