Do I Need to Service My Furnace Every Year?

Whether you live on the Cape year-round or spend the summers here, you know how important it is to have heating equipment that you can depend on to keep your property safe and your family warm. You’ve probably heard about how an annual tune-up can help you do this, but you might be wondering, “Do I really have to schedule a heating tune-up every year?” The answer is, “Yes!”

You wouldn’t skip your annual physical or service for your car; your heating tune-up shouldn’t be any different. Keeping your boiler or furnace in good condition is easy and affordable if you have a local, professional energy company that offers this preventative service. Having an annual tune-up performed at any time during the year is certainly better than skipping it altogether, but springtime is actually an ideal time to book your boiler or furnace tune-up.

4 Reasons to Book a Spring Heating Tune-Up

As the weather starts to warm up, getting ready for the next heating season is probably the last thing on your mind. Below are a few reasons why it shouldn’t be! Read on to learn about the benefits of booking a spring heating tune-up with Snow’s Fuel Company.

  1. Book when it works best for you.
    Here at Snow’s, we work hard to make sure that every service visit and fuel delivery is as prompt and convenient as possible. But when it starts to get cold, our schedule fills up quickly. Instead of trying to squeeze in a service appointment during the busiest time of year, you can take advantage of more flexible scheduling when you request a boiler or furnace tune-up in the spring.
  1. Get a jump on spring cleaning.
    The early signs of spring remind year-round and seasonal Cape Cod residents that it’s time to get their homes ready for summer. Add scheduling an annual tune-up to your list of springtime housework; it’s just one more thing you can easily check off!
  1. Allow more time for upgrades.
    During your tune-up, your HVAC service technician will evaluate your furnace or boiler and recommend any necessary repairs or part replacements. If they do recommend some updates, you’ll have plenty of time to think it over before winter. You can plan for the expense and schedule the service when it’s easiest for you.
  1. Worry less when fall rolls around.
    When the seasons change again and it is time to prep your home for winter, you’ll be good to go! You’ll know that your boiler or furnace is ready to work hard to keep your property warm, and you can focus on the other parts of your winterizing routine.

Snow’s Fuel Company is starting to book tune-ups for boilers and furnaces this spring. Don’t delay! Contact us to schedule your heating service today!