What Are the Different Types of HVAC Systems?

If you own a home on the Cape, you’ve likely heard the term “HVAC” before. But what exactly does it mean and why should you familiarize yourself with the types of HVAC equipment that are out there? Snow’s Fuel Company has the facts on HVAC for homeowners—without the technical jargon! Here’s what you should know about Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems.

What Types of Heating HVAC Systems Are There?

  • Furnace Heating Systems
    A furnace is a type of heating equipment that provides whole-home heating by distributing hot air through a central duct system. Furnaces can be powered by propane, heating oil, or natural gas. If your home has a central duct system, it’s likely that you use a furnace to stay warm during the winter.
  • Boiler Heating Systems
    A boiler is another type of heating system commonly used by Cape Cod homeowners. Boilers provide whole-home heating by distributing hot water through pipes to radiate heat. Common radiant options are baseboard radiators, cast iron radiators, and in-floor radiant heat.
  • Ductless Mini-Split Electric Heat Pumps
    Ductless heat pumps are another type of heating HVAC system. Unlike boilers or furnaces, a single ductless electric heat pump cannot provide whole-home heating. Ductless electric heat pumps offer room-by-room heating, and multiple units can be connected to heat multiple zones of a home or business.

What Types of Air Conditioning HVAC Systems Are There?

  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
    A central air conditioning unit is an HVAC system used to provide whole-house cooling. An outdoor unit works to distribute cool air through a property’s central duct system. Central A/C is a great option for homes that already have ductwork in place that is also used for heating.
  • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems
    There are also ductless air conditioning HVAC options! Ductless mini-split systems are made up of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that are affixed to interior walls. They provide zoned cooling or can be used with multiple units to cool a greater area. Many ductless mini-split air conditioning systems come with an electric heat pump feature to provide supplementary heating as well.

How Do I Pick the Right HVAC System for My Home?

Are you looking to upgrade your Cape Cod home’s current heating or cooling equipment? Maybe it’s time to add equipment to your seasonal home. Whatever you are looking for, we at Snow’s are here to help! We are proud to be the Cape’s leading HVAC service provider. We offer professional installation of top-quality heating and cooling systems. Need a heating tune-up or an A/C repair? We can do that, too! Just contact Snow’s and we will dispatch one of our expert technicians to service your HVAC equipment.