Bioheat… What Exactly Is It?

You’ve probably heard a great deal about renewable energy and alternative fuel sources, especially over the last few years as these options have become more widespread. Choosing them for your home energy use is beneficial for the environment, your heating equipment, and often your budget. But how much do you know about what goes into producing alternative energies—and what the difference may be between them and more traditional options?

Here, we’ll focus on one alternative fuel in particular: Bioheat®.

Bioheat is a blend of renewable resources and standard #2 home heating oil. As many Americans—especially those of us in the Northeast—count on oil for home heating and water heating, Bioheat is one of the leading environmentally friendly fuel options in the country. Let’s take a look at how the biofuel is manufactured, what exactly makes it renewable, and how you can directly benefit:

How Bioheat Is Produced

Various renewable resources are combined, treated, and filtered to create a new fuel called biodiesel. By blending this biodiesel fuel with ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, Bioheat is born.

What Makes Bioheat Sustainable

Manufacturing a sustainable fuel source means limiting the amount of nonrenewable or depleting resources that go into it. Bioheat is comprised of recycled materials, such as plant oils, animal fats, restaurant grease, and algae oil, which are combined with ultra-low-sulfur heating oil to produce the end result. This combination uses considerably less fossil fuel than standard #2 heating oil alone.

Why Bioheat Outweighs Standard Home Heating Oil

Because of its plant-based composition, Bioheat produces a cleaner burn for your heating system, which helps it run more efficiently to reduce your energy consumption and related costs. The fuel is manufactured in the U.S., creating more domestic jobs and shrinking our dependency on foreign oil. Additionally, consumers can rest assured that its renewable makeup means the fuel is here to stay for a long time, so there’s no need to spend time or money converting to a new energy source. (Any oil-fired heating system can run on Bioheat with no equipment modifications!)

Where to Find the Fuel

Did you know that as a Snow’s Fuel Company oil heat customer, you’re already using Bioheat? That’s right: every oil order you place is one for Bioheat! We deliver the cleaner, greener fuel to your home as our standard oil product because, well, why wouldn’t we? At Snow’s, we believe in working toward a sustainable future for our industry and our community, and upgrading to alternative fuel options for our customers is just one way to show it.

Not yet a Snow’s customer? Become one today and enjoy the benefits of Bioheat all winter long.