Beginning February 2nd, the Snow's Fuel Company offices will be closed on Saturdays during the winter season.
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Please complete the below Customer Account Information form to enroll in Snow’s Bioheat fuel delivery program.

In addition to this Customer Account form, you must fill out and submit a corresponding Credit Application form in order to complete your enrollment.

View Bioheat Customer Application

This form is only for use after filling out a credit application or for existing accounts. If you have not filled out a credit application please choose from our residential or commercial applications.

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Specify Rental Type

If Part-Time/Seasonal occupancy, please provide the following information:

Contact Name*

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What type of security or monitoring system/service protects the property?

Fuel & Equipment

Tank Size

Tank Level/Current Reading*

Delivery Status

   Customer will call for deliveries


   Scheduled deliveries made by Snow’s Fuel Company

Note: Deliveries are calculated by degree and number of days and are based on account information. This is not a guarantee that tanks will never run out. Part-time residents are responsible for checking their tank levels and/or properties as conditions warrant.

Tenant/Landlord Procedure – If you rent this property and the tenant is responsible for paying for fuel, the tenant must open an account at Snow’s for fuel deliveries. It is your responsibility to notify Snow’s of the date the tenant will assume responsibility for deliveries; you must also notify Snow’s 30 days in advance if the tenant plans to move out. All service calls will be billed to your account.

Snow Removal – The Customer is responsible for removing snow from driveways, walkways, the area surrounding the fill location and any other areas Company drivers and technicians need to access the property safely.


   Yes, I would like to keep my credit card on file. (A Snow's representative will contact you for your credit card information.)

   I agree to the Terms and Conditions

If it is more convenient for you to complete your paperwork in our offices, we will be happy to assist you during business hours. Please print this form and bring it with you. Call us at (508) 255-1090 with any questions. View a pdf of the form by clicking here.