Natural Gas Alternatives on the Cape

About two years ago, National Grid announced a moratorium for new natural gas hookups on the Lower Cape. This has affected home builders, current property owners thinking about switching fuel sources, new Cape Cod residents, and consumers looking to update a simple appliance like a gas-fired cooking stove. The reality is that residents and business owners can’t wait another three years for the installations and appliances they want and need for their properties.

Are there other options?

Great news: of course! As a consumer in New England where winters are harsh, fuel options are aplenty. And unlike major natural gas utilities, other common fuel sources like oil and propane come with a more personal, local, and dependable experience.

What’s a good alternative to natural gas?

Propane is exactly why Cape Cod doesn’t need natural gas as a primary fuel source. Whether you are looking for a long-term solution or an interim fuel during the natural gas moratorium, most natural gas heating systems can run off of propane seamlessly. All you need is a propane supply added to your property, which you can control by leasing or owning your own fuel tank and ordering however much fuel you need for home heating and other appliances. You can also convert to new propane heating equipment with ease.

How does propane compare in cost?

When it comes to comparing the price per gallon of any two fuels, it’s often apples and oranges. Don’t forget to take into account that propane has a higher energy content than natural gas. This means that less propane is required to produce the same amount of heat. So, when the price per gallon of propane is less than that of natural gas, you’re saving even more than meets the eye!

Is heating with propane safe?

Because of the ability to manage your own fuel supply on your property, many homeowners feel more in control when using an energy source like propane. Not to mention, your local propane provider is close by offering 24/7 emergency service in case you have a question or you suspect a heating issue.



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