Will Your Current Heating System Survive the Upcoming Winter?

Winters in Massachusetts, especially here on the Atlantic, don’t mess around. Temperatures drop below zero, snow blocks our driveways and doors, and icy roads threaten even the sturdiest vehicles. Are you sure your home heating system is up to the challenge of another cold Cape Cod winter? The good news is that if your heater needs to be replaced before the chill sets in, it’ll give you some warning signs. We at Snow’s Fuel Company are here to help you recognize the signs, so you have time to take action and keep your family and home or business safe and warm no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

3 Symptoms of a Heating System Needing an Upgrade

Higher Energy Bills

As your heating system gets older, its efficiency will start to decline. Consistently climbing heating costs without extreme weather is a clear symptom of decreased fuel economy. New high-efficiency models can reach efficiency ratings of up to 95, which means significantly reduced heating expenses. If you upgrade from a heating system that has declined to 65 percent efficiency, you could instantly realize savings of up to 30% annually.

Repairs Needed More Frequently

Like any piece of technology, your heating equipment will face more breakdowns as years of wear and tear go by. Look back on your recent service history. Instead of spending your money on recurring repair visits, you will get a higher return on investment if you focus those contributions into a new high-efficiency system.

Uneven Heating from Room to Room

Do some rooms feel cooler or warmer than others? If your thermostat reads a typical temperature, but heat is not reaching all areas of your home equally, that can indicate the decline of your equipment’s operation capabilities. Consider an upgrade to get wall-to-wall comfort no matter which room you’re spending time in.

I Notice One or More Symptoms—What Now?

Perhaps your heating equipment is showing one or more of these signs. Does that mean it’s going to keel over and die the second you try to turn it on in the fall? While that is a possibility, you may also get one more season out of your system when it’s maintained properly—but there are a few major downsides to running equipment that’s in need of replacement. Here are the top reasons why you should avoid using equipment showing the above symptoms when possible:

Running Exhausted Equipment Puts You at Risk For:

  • Expensive and stressful equipment breakdowns
  • Reduced fuel efficiency, sucking money out of your wallet
  • Discomfort for your family or business if the heat gives out

Avoid the hassle and worry caused by fading equipment by requesting a free heating installation quote from our experts here at Snow’s Fuel Company. We’ll get you set up with a brand-new furnace or boiler that will meet your heating needs at a value that can’t be beaten.