Air Conditioning Service Plans

When the hottest days of summer roll around, the last thing you want to experience is warm air blowing out of your A/C vent. Sometimes breakdowns just happen, but they don’t have to break the bank! Sign up for Snow’s comprehensive A/C service plan before summer weather is here to stay. Our air conditioning service plan can help protect your HVAC equipment and your home. It includes your annual tune-up and much more! Valuable preventative maintenance will help avoid equipment malfunction and premium coverage will protect your wallet, just in case.

Maintaining Your A/C System

Preventative maintenance will help save you time and money and ensure that your cooling system is operating at peak efficiency. During your annual system tune-up and safety check, we will thoroughly check the unit’s parts, wiring, and electrical connections; lubricate the fan and motor units; and replace air filters covered under the contract. If you have more than one condenser, you will receive a substantial discount on additional contracts.

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Maintenance and coverage for your air conditioning system is important—just like protection for your valuable home heating system. Learn about our heating service plan options for all types of systems.