Heating Oil

When it comes to heating your home with oil, trust that you are choosing an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly fuel with Snow’s Fuel Company. The heating oil industry has made rapid advancements with new technologies for greener fuel and equipment operation to provide homeowners with even more reasons to continue to utilize oil heat, and Snow’s has been at the forefront of passing along those benefits to our customers. Snow’s offers delivery of clean, renewable Bioheat®, along with the best heating oil prices and overall value on Cape Cod. And we don’t simply supply to year-round customers, either—if you live seasonally in the Cape Cod area, consider a service plan to protect you near or far.

Beneficial Fuel Additives

We complement our Bioheat fuel with Avalux, a specially designed additive that protects your oil heating equipment by cleaning the system as fuel burns. Avalux helps your system to run more efficiently, which translates to reduced oil consumption and increased savings. Learn more about the advantages of Bioheat with Avalux.

What are the benefits of heating with Bioheat?

Along with safety and comfort, Bioheat® provide a unique value to homeowners looking for winters with an environmentally-friendly, cleaner burning fuel.”