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Seasonally Occupied Homes

Whether you are a seasonal or year-round Snow’s Fuel Company customer, and no matter how long you may be away from your residence, we take pride in keeping your home safe and protected throughout the year. With extra security measures like automatic fuel delivery or the addition of a home monitoring system, we can help to protect your home from fuel runs-outs, frozen pipes, and other heating emergencies when you may not be in the area to monitor your heating system closely.Please help us continue to reach you effectively each winter by letting our office know if you have a new phone number, email address, or otherwise updated account information. For seasonal residents, this is particularly important so we can make sure your home is secure while you are away. Please also feel free to provide caretaker or snow removal information so we can easily get in touch with them should we need to.

We are proud to provide comfort and convenience to our customers throughout the seasons. Learn more about what we offer to our year-round and seasonal residents by contacting our office or exploring more of our website. Thank you for your business!

Seasonal Residents

Update Your Contact Information

Keep your contact information current so we may reach you during the winter.