Protect Your Home This Winter

While we’re still enjoying summer, it’s time to start planning ahead for the winter weather. Your home is one of your greatest investments, and since winters on Cape Cod can be particularly harsh and unpredictable, you’ll want to do all you can to protect it from extreme temperatures and storms that Mother Nature throws our way.

Particularly for seasonal residents—but for year-round Cape residents as well—it’s a wise idea to consider an Internet monitoring system for your home.

Benefits of an Internet Home Monitoring System:

  • Notification of a low- or no-heat situation while you’re gone (Snow’s is notified directly)
  • Ensure your oil or propane tank doesn’t run out of fuel
  • Reduce the risk (and cost) of insurance premiums and property damage due to frozen/burst pipes
  • Reliable, 24/7 monitoring

How to Choose the Right System

Most Internet broadband monitoring systems/thermostats will alert you if there’s an issue with the temperature, but if you’re not in the immediate area to quickly fix the problem, you could still find your home damaged in no time at all. With Snow’s Home Monitoring, Snow’s will be notified immediately if the system detects a drop in your home’s temperature and will come to your house promptly to correct the issue. (And if you don’t have Wi-Fi in your home, Snow’s offers a cellular monitoring system option for your protection.) That’s peace of mind you can count on this winter!

Learn more about Snow’s Home Monitoring Service and keep your home safe this winter season.

Don’t Take Our Word for It – See How Snow’s Home Monitoring Makes a Difference:

Current Happy Snow’s Home Monitoring Service Customers

  • Last winter, Snow’s received a low-heat detection from a monitoring customer. Upon arrival at their home, we found that a window had been left open, causing the heat to drop sufficiently enough to notify us of a potential problem.
  • During a snow storm, Snow’s received a low-heat detection from a monitoring customer. When we arrived at the residence, we found that their boiler electronic board was damaged by an electric surge. We were able to replace the transformer and get their system back up and running before any damage was done.
  • A home monitoring customer came in to Snow’s to discuss the high use of fuel during the winter in a seasonal home. By tracking the home monitoring heat reports, we found that a college-age family member had been using the house without permission of the owner. She has since changed the locks on her home.

Why We Decided to Enroll in Snow’s Home Monitoring Service…

  • “As a seasonal resident, I asked a neighbor to monitor my house during the winter. Unfortunately she slipped on ice and broke her hip, leaving no one to monitor the house. Sure enough, the pipes froze up.”
  • “I live in Europe and contracted out with a company to drain the pipes last winter. The pipes never got drained and there was a deep freeze. When the freeze ended, the house filled with water and exited out the windows. Luckily someone noticed and called the fire department.”