Home Monitoring

Whether you’re away from your property for a vacation or months at a time, our Home Monitoring Program is a plan to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Keeping Your Seasonal or Permanent Residence Safe

At Snow’s, we are proud to offer home monitoring for greater peace of mind when it comes to the indoor temperature and fuel levels at your Cape Cod property each winter. Choosing our system that connects using your internet is the most effective way to protect your home from heat-related issues each winter, particularly for seasonal residents who spend winters away.


How Home Monitoring Works

  • This program is available for homeowners with oil, propane, or natural gas heat.
  • We install a modem that is connected to your internet service.
  • We place heat sensors in your house. If there is a drop in temperature, we will inspect the issue and contact you if necessary.
  • We place a rocket on your fuel tank to transmit the fuel level. If it drops below a certain level, we will schedule a delivery.
  • The system runs self-tests frequently to ensure its proper maintenance. Snow’s personnel are available for on-site visits; see plan options below for details.


Snow's Fuel ION 9400 Monitoring for Cape Cod, MA

Option 1: Internet Home Monitoring Service

  • Annual, Self-Renewing Contract
  • Installation/Maintenance of Home Monitoring Equipment
  • 24/7 On-Site Response to All Snow’s Monitor Alerts
  • Does Not Include Scheduled On-Site Inspections
  • Key Service to Authorized Providers
  • Optional: Additional On-Site Visit
  • Optional: Additional Temp Sensor


Snow's Fuel ION 9400 Tank Monitoring

Option 2: On-Site Home Monitoring Service

  • Contract in Monthly Increments
  • Two (2) On-Site Inspections by Company Personnel per Week
  • Key Service to Authorized Providers
  • Available as Stand-Alone Service or as an Add-On to Option 1 or Option 2
  • Optional: Additional On-Site Visit

For more information on monitoring for your home, please contact our office.

Please Note: We require automatic delivery and maintenance provided by Snow’s Fuel Company and that your thermostat is never set below 52°. Options 1 and 2 will automatically renew every year unless the customer notifies Snow’s Fuel Company to remove the equipment. Optional additional on-site visits and temp sensors not included; see this page for pricing. Downed connections will interrupt service.