Smart Home Protection Customer Case Study


Customer Experience #1

Consistent Smart Home Protection Support

For 5 years and counting, Snow’s Fuel Company has protected MaryLou and Mary’s property in Brewster, MA. These long-term customers rely on Snow’s Smart Home Protection to keep their Cape Cod home secure. From minor connectivity issues to power outages, Snow’s has responded in person to every alert reported by our Smart Home Protection technology. The result? Major issue prevention and greater peace of mind.

Customer Details

Name:  MaryLou R. and Mary S.
Location:  Brewster, MA
Years as a Snow’s Customer:  29
Smart Home Protection Period:  5

Service Snapshot

The Issue: Over the years, the customer’s Smart Home Protection system reported multiple service alerts to Snow’s. These alerts included common occurrences, such as interruption of service caused by power outages, abnormal interior temperature change, and phone line connectivity issues.

Solution: Every time the Smart  Home Protection technology reported a service issue to our office, Snow’s immediately contacted the customer and dispatched a service technician to diagnose and fix the problem. In the case of a winter power outage, a Snow’s representative visited the property. When they arrived the power had been turned back on and they confirmed that the heating system was fully functioning. When phone line connectivity interrupted the system’s reporting, Snow’s notified the customer so that they could alert their service provider.

Luckily, the customer did not experience any major service issues. However, if they had, Snow’s was always available.  

In Their Own Words…

“I cannot say enough good things about the service department, its staff, and the services provided at Snow’s. We have been customers of Snow’s ever since we built our home on Cape Cod and among the many exceptional fuel services Snow’s has offered us is their Smart Home Protection. With this monitoring service we have been able to enjoy our home without the constant attendant worry of home ownership from afar. Whenever we lost power, the phone connection required for our monitor wasn’t working, or our furnace didn’t function properly, this system alerted Snow’s and their service technicians were immediately dispatched to troubleshoot and remedy the problem(s). In addition to its emergency response features, Snow’s system also assures us of regular preventative monitoring of our home’s temperature, oil reserves, and overall furnace performance, all of which give us tremendous peace of mind when we are away from our Cape Cod home.

But home monitoring systems and the like are only as good as the people who oversee them, and in Snow’s we are fortunate to have both the technology and the human touch. Over the years the personal attention, support, and excellent, responsive, comprehensive service we have enjoyed with Snow’s personnel, especially Richard and Jorge, have lead us to regard these individuals more like ‘big brothers’ as well as longtime friends. Whatever the presenting issue, be it with our furnace, oil monitoring system, phone service to the latter, or weather and driveway access challenges, Snow’s has been there to anticipate our needs, provide preventative solutions, and immediately and effectively ameliorate whatever attendant problems present themselves. Snow’s service department staff have guided us through the selection and acquisition of both our previous and our current oil monitoring systems as well as our new hot water heater system, and all of these purchases have been extremely effective energy savers, each in its own right. In sum, the Snow’s service department personnel are extraordinarily helpful, considerate, and responsible professionals who forever “have our back” whether we’re on Cape Cod or away. Thank you for your continuing “state-of-the-art” service, both technical and personal.”

– MaryLou R. & Mary S., Brewster, MA

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