Even More Protection for Your Cape Cod Home

Whether you live on the Cape year-round or just during the summer, protecting your home from winter weather is crucial. Crisp fall air isn’t so bad now, but when regular snowfall and below-zero temperatures arrive we’ll all be singing a different tune! This year, you can get better home protection and greater peace of mind by enrolling in our new Home Monitoring Program.

You’re Not Home, But We Are

So, what’s new with home monitoring? The major feature we are excited to announce is on-site visits. When you enroll in our Home Monitoring Program, you can opt for regular inspections by a Snow’s Fuel Company team member. This provides double the protection from winter weather issues, like frozen pipes or snow accumulation, that can lead to property damage. You can rest easy knowing your local Snow’s specialist is keeping an eye on your home while you are away for the season, or even just the weekend!

Now offering on-site inspections from local company personnel!

Home Monitoring Q&A

Q: How does the Home Monitoring Program work?
A: The program is available to homeowners that heat with oil, propane or natural gas heat.

  1. We will install a modem that is connected to your internet service or through our cellular service.
  2. Then, we place heat sensors in your house. If these detect a drop in temperature, we will inspect the issue and contact you if needed.
  3. We place a rocket in your fuel tank to remotely monitor fuel level and make deliveries as needed.
  4. The system self-tests frequently to ensure proper maintenance. Snow’s personnel are available for on-site visits.

Q: What is included in the Home Monitoring Program?
A: You can choose to have your home monitoring system connected to your internet service or through our cellular service. Program includes installation and maintenance of home monitoring equipment, 24/7 on-site response to monitor alerts, and key service to authorized providers.

Q: Can I just sign up for the site visits?
A: We are pleased to offer a lower tier plan that includes two on-site inspections by company personnel per week. This option is available as an add-on to the complete program or on its own. This plan is available on a month-by-month basis.

Q: Why should I sign up for home monitoring?
A: Your property is an investment – protect it! Home monitoring is a hassle-free way to ensure that your property stays safe and secure during the winter season. This is particularly important for seasonal homeowners. Enrolling in the Home Monitoring Program will guarantee someone is taking care of your home while you are away. This will help prevent unnecessary risk, like frozen pipes or running out of fuel, and the expensive damages that they can cause.

Have questions about our Home Monitoring Program? Check out all the details here or call us directly at (508) 255-1090.