Bioheat® Fuel Oil FAQs from Cape Cod Residents

Chances are you’ve heard the buzz about Bioheat® fuel oil on Cape Cod—the cleanest, greenest heating oil around—but what really is it? Where does it come from? How does it work? Snow’s has all the answers about Cape Cod Bioheat® that you want to know: just keep reading to learn more about the oil heat of the future. And don’t forget: you can order Bioheat® anytime by giving our office a call!

FAQs about Cape Cod’s Bioheat® Fuel Oil

Bioheat is a safe, renewable heating oil blend that incorporates a portion (5%) of biodiesel, which is made from recycled cooking and vegetable oils that would otherwise be discarded as waste.
Along with the fact that Massachusetts enacted a Bioheat® mandate[1] in 2010, requiring all heating oil to contain a percentage of biodiesel, you can feel great knowing that you’re using a cleaner version of traditional home heating oil. Bioheat® produces fewer emissions than traditional fuel oil and runs affordably in the same equipment.
There’s nothing you need to do differently or change to incorporate Bioheat® into your family’s home heating routine—especially since all of our heating oil already contains biodiesel! Just keep ordering this renewable oil from Snow’s Fuel Company, and your Cape Cod home will benefit from all the perks Bioheat® has to offer.
Bioheat® is making a positive impact on Cape Cod! The fuel produces significantly fewer sulfur dioxide and carbon emissions than traditional oil, and the biodiesel industry is currently hosting more than 62,000 jobs[2] in America!
We’re proud to say there is no catch—Bioheat® really is as great as it sounds. In addition to producing cleaner air and creating U.S. jobs, it also reduces the amount of buildup in your oil-fired furnace or boiler and fuel oil tank, helping it to stay cleaner and work more effectively.